Diabetes & Herbal Foods

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Chinese physicians classify diabetes into three sectors, namely upper sector, middle sector and lower sector illness. Herbal medicines are normally prescribed to be combined with food for cooking. Their main role in cuisine is to keep the blood glucose level near to normal as much as possible.

Upper sector diabetes patient needs an extra fluid diet as he or she may have a strong urine flow but the colour tends to be very yellow. The throat is parched and tongue reddish. Food choice should be on ingredients that can ease the thirst and soothe lungs.

Middle sector diabetics require extra intake of meals. Frequency can increase but the portions should be small. The patients feel thirsty and have bitter taste in their mouths. Bad breath, parched mouths and constipations occur. Hard stool comes with difficult bowel movements. Some light herbal food can improve the general health.

Lower sector diabetes patients may have a constant urge to ease themselves and tend to be rather thin despite consuming a large amount of food. Herbs used can help to speed up the detoxification process and clear body heat.

Always ensure a diabetic diet has three lows and one high. It must be low in oil, salt and sugar but high in fibre intake. Recipes printed are suitable food as they tend to have some curative value.

Celery Soup With Pig's Pancreas
50g celery (rinsed)
1 set pig's pancreas (rinsed, sliced)
10g Chinese cooking wine
1 egg
10g tapioca flour
5g salt
5g ginger (shredded)
10g spring onions (diced)
Some soy sauce
30g vegetable cooking oil
500ml stock (pre-boiled)
1.Place slice pancreas in a bowl. Add in wine, soy sauce, tapioca flour, salt, egg, some water to mix together.
2.Heat wok, add in oil. When semi-hot, add in ginger and spring onions. Pour in stock, bring to a boil. Add in no.(1) and celery. Cook for three minutes. Take this as a main dish once a day.
Anecdote: In Chinese food culture, it is believed if you eat a particular part of an animal, it should benefit the corresponding part of the eater. Therefore, to strengthen one'sncreas, you should eat the pig'sancreas.
Herbal properties: Promotes circulation of blood, treats excessive thirst.

Tu Fu Ling Soup
500g pig'sack bones
50g Tu Fu Ling
2000ml water
Boil bones and water. Strain residue and oil contents. Add tu fu ling to strained solution. Bring to a boil, simmer till 2 bowls of solution remains. Divide into 2 portions. Drink once a day.
Herbal properties: Strengthens the spleen, has good diuretic effect.

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