新寿活尝河鲜Freshwater Fish Above Par in Sauk

淡水西刀鱼/关刀鱼 Ikan Belida(Grey Feather Back)









Freshwater Fish Above Par in Sauk

Freshwater Fish Above Par in Sauk. Our foodie friend - Master Loh was home from overseas taking a break from his working stint. As usual, it was another round of food experience. This time he chose Sauk, a village in the province of Kuala Kangsar which has gained a name for its quality Ikan Belida (Grey Feather Back) or nicknamed in Chinese as "Guan Dao Yee" as the shape of the fish bore a resemblance to the sword used by legendary figure "Guan Kung".

Journeying from Kuala Lumpur at 9.30 a.m that morning using the main approach to Perak via E1 Expressway, our plan was to reach Bidor for breakfast. We did it at 11 a.m. and continued our travel to the royal town of Kuala Kangsar (done 240km route). Out of the expressway, we travelled on a scenic route heading to Grik for 27km before reaching Sauk at lunchtime.

Master Loh is a regular at Lau Kai Air-Cond Restaurant. This 11 year old restaurant may not hold onto a specific menu. Hungry after a long drive, we left the ordering to friendly lady boss Law Lai Wah, but stressed on a dish of "Fishpaste Balls". What was really amazing was the speed the food arrived. Less than five minutes after our food order was made, the first dish of "Ikan Belida Fishpaste Balls With Beancurd" came. It may not have the type of bounce found in most commercialized fishpaste but the natural sweet fish taste complimented out tastebuds. According to Master Loh, the village of Sauk is located near the Perak River, giving the place an abundance of freshwater fish. The white board on the wall stated the restaurant do serve a good range of fish like Temoleh, Kelah, Sultan Fish, Bamboo Fish, Sebarau, Tenggalan, Ikan Tapah etc... This fishy reason has drawn locals as well as outstation patrons to dine here as the place has very fresh produce.

Next dish was a "Saucy Tomyam Steamed Fish Belly". The sauce was a home-made tomyam paste. It was certainly a brilliant idea to have asked for lady boss's recommendation as the next dish of "Steamed Ikan Tapah With Sauce & Cili Padi" was a hit. The waiter brought out another dish of "Ikan Tapah Fish-head In Assam". We thought this was superior. I never knew Ikan Tapah could taste so good as I stared at the carnivorous-looking fish-head and gawked at the rows of sharp teeth. Our roles were reversed as sank my teeth into the fish-head. Wild paddy frogs had such a succulent taste, a far cry from those bred for the table. Our lunch of several good dishes came up to RM200.00. Of course we don't mind the cost as good deals cannot get better than this!

If you need a break eating muddy tasting pond bred freshwater fish, come to Sauk to see the real Mc Coy. Exiting from the restaurant, we wanted to tell everyone, "Long live freshwater fish".

In Sauk's village, there are five restaurants selling freshwater fish.

热情的老板娘珍姐 Lady boss Law Lai Wah is a bubbly person.

西刀鱼滑拌豆腐 Freshwater fish - Ikan Belida - A dish of ikan belida fishpaste balls with beancurd.

酱蒸鲶鱼腩 Steamed Ikan Tapah With Sauce & Cili Padi.

酱蒸西刀鱼腩 Taucheo steamed fish belly.

野生田鸡 Wild paddy frogs taste good.

亚参鲶鱼头 Sourish Assam Ikan Tapah Fish-head.

老街冷气海鲜饭店 Lau Kai Air-Cond Restaurant
44-45, Jalan Besarm, 33500 Sauk, Kuala Kangsar. Tel: 05-7511615
Business Hours: 12pm - 9.00pm Close on alternate Thursdays.