Ipoh's Paper-Thin Wanton Skins

Bercham, a village in Perak is home to a big Hakka enclave. When visiting Bercham, a meal at the legendary Shine Noodles stall located within the premises of T & V Restaurant is a must. This coffeeshop sits opposite the Public Bank and gets very busy at night. Many locals rave about the egg noodles and wantons sold at the only food stall here. It has created a wanton craze as people jostled for seats on the pavement or fringe of the street. Call this a Malaysian style of simple dining.

Initially, this 40 year-old business started from a trishaw cart and was peddled by senior Yap Kam Seng. He was helped by his spouse as son- Yap Kok King spoke of his father's overall experiences. They moved to this location about 10 years ago and business has flourished pretty well. Six brothers run the stall started by papa who still kneads the dough by hand. Most traders have turned to machinery help in churning out most food products but this group of Yap clan are true artisans of the trade. They are among the handful of skilled workmen we have left.

The wanton skins has been held in high regard as one of the best in town and more of a signature puller than the egg noodles. Apart from this, deep-fried prawn wantons, sui kow dumplings are equally good. Pastry skins are so thin and the actual appeal lies here.

Basically, the process of making noodles and wanton skins do not differ very much. Flour and whole eggs are combined into a dough which goes through the process of repeated folding and rolling. Of course there is some skill needed in the strength used in the kneading process and experience definitely counts. The Yaps were in the news radar when the Perak Tourism Board accorded their food a new status. It has found its way to the good food index list approved by the state.

Both wantons and sui kow dumplings are served in an ikan bilis simmered stock. As the skin is so thin, you can see the filling clearly. Every piece of morsel is freshly made and tastes wonderful. Other melt-in-the mouth crunchies are the deep-fried wantons, prawn wantons and sui kow dumplings. This taste of a somehow good crunch grows on you with each mouthful. Try them out if you come by the village.








Shine Noodles (T & V Restaurant ) 353, Jalan Besar Bercham,
Taman Desa Kencana, 31400 Ipoh.
e-mail: kokking84@hotmail.com website:www://geocities.com/shine_noodles
Tel: 012-5025886 Business hours: 6.30pm - 12.00am

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