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Famously known as Ah See Noodle House of Batu Pahat,this shop sells Wanton noodles. Ah Leong earnt the trade from his father, Ah See. Emphasis here is on quality and skill and Ah Leong still make their own noodles just like the way his father did 50 years ago. Many people are confused over the two names and presumed it belongs to one identity, little realizing it is a father and son team. Ten years ago, Ah Leong started a simple no-frills shop selling his noodles but has since relocated to the address printed.

This time apart from Ah Leong and spouse, a third generation nephew- Danny Wang has been groomed to continue the family tradition. Danny is very much a part of the immediate family as he has lived with Ah Leong since young.

Wanton noodles and wanton skins are prepared on a daily basis, barely sufficient for the two outlets. Looking at the crowd, it has to be good food to appeal to so many. The shop would be packed from 8a.m. to 4p.m. on most days. The Johor wanton noodles are not tossed with dark soy sauce. For those who like a spicy touch, it would be tossed with some chilli sauce. The noodles would then have an orangy colour look instead. Another good choice here is the clear soup noodles. We found the stock rather flavourful as it certainly has that oomph, being simmered for hours with a blend of pork bones. Wanton noodle dish is the reason to come as it is one of the best in this district whatmore you should have no complains of their quick service. Regular patrons should know the simple but appetizing noodles has remained unchanged both in quality and taste for over half a century, it has certainly withstood the test of time.





良记云吞面 Ah See Noodle House
5, Jalan S/J 2A, Taman Setia Jaya,
83000 Batu Pahat, Johor.
Tel: 012-7178 789, 016-750 5050

Closes on Mondays

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