Quality Malay Food At PARIAMAN 狮城著名马来饭60年不变


738, North Bridge Road,
Singapore 198706
(Near Sultan Mosque)
Tel: (65) 6292 2374





Quality Malay Food At PARIAMAN
By Catherine Chia

Pariaman is a simple eatery in Singapore known for a good taste of Nasi Padang as it has offered the same style of food for the past 60 years.

Mr. Tan Tok Han recommended us coming here for a taste of old-fashioned Malay food. It was around 11a.m when we saw the landmark- the Sultan Mosque. The eatery occupies the front portion of the shop. Glass cupboards here showcase many food products. Tables and chairs spilled into the corridor. They are open from 10a.m daily but lunch crowd can be extremely hard to handle. Mr. Tan told us, a waiting period of 15 minutes for a seat at that busy hour is quite usual.

He has been a strong supporter of this place as he used to tagged along with his father who loved this food. The taste has not changed and the roasted chicken is still cooked over a charcoal fire. A delicious gravy of both green and red curry are combined and drenched on top of the bird. One is whimsically won over by the unique taste. Of the meal itself, one can enjoy a satisfyingly dish in a certain old world charm.

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