Winter Holiday in Guilin (3)

第三天早晨,团体在伏波山合照 Group photo at Fubo Shan in the third day's morning.

I can feel the wintry chill standing underneath this cave. But someone out there is swimming in the icy cold water.

We paid for this cable car ride.

自费150元乘搭缆车上“尧山”A cable car ride costed us 150 yuan (RM75) each.

饱览桂林市方圆数十哩的群山The scenic mountains of Yao Shan.

往阳朔的高速公路群山围绕。Highway from Guilin city to Yangshuo is surrounded by mountain ranges.

到达世外桃园。Arrive at Shangri-La, Yangshuo.(4pm)

世外桃园入口处。Main entrance of Shangri-La.

A stunning panorama of peaks and lakes just like what you see in Chinese landscape paintings.

A fisherman with his helper osprey which dive into water to catch fish.

A natural view of sunset, river and mountains.

Maidens were seen washing cloths.

The river of life as washing clothes, washing vegetables, drinking water, all sourcing from the same river.

农村风光无限美。Village life at Shangri-la.

船靠岸了。End of the boat trip.


再见了!世外桃园。Bye-bye, Shangri-la!






9-1-2009 (Friday) Sunny
(Fubo Shan, Yao Shan, Yangshuo, Lipu)
It looked bright but the temperature had dipped to 5 degrees Celsius. Our baggage were loaded into the coach's compartment as we will move on to the south, known as Lipu. There was a stopover at Fubo Shan. Both driver and guide pulled out long faces when others shopped at free will. With constant grumbling about running out of time, we left the place.

Guess what? They pulled over at a renowned herbal shop for us to pick up medicinal items. How long was this unnecessary stop? Exactly two full hours and the guide smiled, even grinning from left to right as tour friends bought bags of goodies. The episode did not end till we were taken for another ride to a tea shop for tea leaves purchase.

Due to mountainous topography, its weather is very diverse as its landscape as temperature soared to 24 degrees Celsius high. A cable car ride costed us 150 yuan (RM75) each as we were carried across to the scenic mountains but the fare was rather steep. Today's itinerary for both morning and afternoon could be given a miss as there was nothing spectacular.

We left at 4 p.m. for a visit to Shangri-La Yangshuo, "The Forgotten Homeland". On arrival in the early evening, we could feel the pulse rate beating as somehow this place has a real attraction. We sat in small boats and rowed about in the beautiful lakes.

Shangri-La is not vastly populated but rather rural as maidens were seen washing cloths and vegetables beside the running waters in the rivers. Children played at their homes?frontyards and fishermen angled for fish with ospreys. This capable bird is known for its fish catching prowess.

Sunset was glorious, very pampering for our souls. We watched as little streaks of light and colours slowly disappeared below the horizon. Only the boats broke the surface of the still water sending ripples all around. Many manmade sites were seen but nevertheless this lost horizon has been preserved quite intact. Shangri-La's reputation rests squarely on its matchless sceneries and I give my thumbs up on this "must see" place if you ever set foot into Guilin.

At dinner time, a few tour friends requested the guide to accompany them to visit the night market. She bluntly refused with an excuse that the place has been infested with pick pockets. How much is true, we won't know! But we had to lug our baggage up to our rooms as the hotel has no lift service.

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