Winter Holiday in Guilin (1)

(7-1-2009/11.11am)桂林机场 Guilin Airport.

(7-1-2009/11.15am)旅游巴士 Coach.

(7-1-2009/12.05pm)在桂林的第一餐 Lunch at Guilin.

(7-1-2009/1.05pm)由酒店摄下的桂林市区 Guilin city view from the hotel.

(7-1-2009/2.45pm) 象鼻山入口处 Entrace of Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill.

(7-1-2009/3.35pm) “榕杉湖”遥望“金银双塔”Rong Shan Lake and Twin Pavillion.

Eric bought a stalk of flower for his wife from the little flower seller who followed him through several streets.

(7-1-2009/4.15pm)“古南门”Ancient South Gate.







位于桃花江与漓江交汇点的“象鼻山”是桂林市的地标,山的形状酷似一只站在江边饮水的大象因而得名。天色一片灰蒙蒙,三层厚的衣服抵挡不了吹来的冷风,我 们在岸边匆匆取景后即上车,到城的另一边游览“中央公园”。绕着“榕杉湖”遥望“金银双塔”,途经“九曲桥”及“玻璃桥”,慢步走到“古南门”,不知不觉 已经下午五点,一天的行程接近尾声。


Winter Holiday in Guilin
Picturesque but Cold
Some three decades ago a film knowns as "Liu San Jie" was finally shown in local cinemas. This film went through a lot of red tape and censorship as it was directed by a leftist group from mainland China. The lady actress shot to fame instantly and the dreamy landscapes used in the film remained deeply etched in the memories of many who have seen the film.

Pristine peaks, eternal springs, mystical caves, beautiful rock formation inspired many to visit this fabled land when the doors of China were opened for travelling freely around. Droves of tourists visited Guilin and it became my choice of a holiday destination recently.

I invited a couple of friends, who travelled with us to Tibet before, to join us on a winter tour. The eight days itinerary included Guilin, Yang Shuo, Lipu, He Zhou, Long Sheng, Merryland Resort.

7-1-2009 (Wednesday) Cloudy
(Elephant Trunk Hill, Rong Shan Lake, Twin Pavillion, Ancient South Gate)

As sunlight vividly illuminated the surroundings of LCCT at 6.30 a.m., our tour group of 24 persons boarded a flight to renowned Guilin. We reached our destination some four hours later.

It was a drastic shift of weather, from a hot tropical climate to a cold wintry noon of 6 degrees Celsius. We piled on some winter attire as it can be terrible catching a cold.

After a simple lunch, we unpacked at the hotel. Later, we were taken on a tour to Elephant Trunk Hill which is located at the meeting point of Taohua River and Lijiang River. Rock formation does resemble an elephant drinking from the water source.

The sky turned gloomy and although we all had three layers of clothing, it did not protect us well enough. After a few snapshots, we left for the city park. Other popular tourist destinations in Guilin city include Rong Shan Lake, Twin Pavillion, Jiuqu Bridge and Ancient South Gate. All these attractions are comprehensive exhibitions which reflects a little on history, culture, art, architecture of China and it's a trip within an afternoon.

Of course the guide insisted we shopped at the listed places for silk blankets, something we hate most about China tours. Instead we opted for the foot reflexology massage done by skilful hands.

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