Wonder Way Annual Dinner

Staying on Course for 30 Years
Firmly Planted Thru Inspiration and Motivation

Setting a goal is easy but reaching the goal you set is hard. Wonderway, a direct sales company of 30 years has helped many to reach their goals under the right leadership in distributing Italian made cookware within Malaysia and Singapore region. The cookware is suited to any style of cooking and well designed for cooking the nutritious way. Many homemakers recognise the potential of the Wonderway business and as the company has started some enhanced marketing programme, quite a number of them have become committed to the line. Starting from the lower rung as a distributor, it gives them an opportunity to generate an income.

The founders Mr. & Mrs. Peter Lee and GSM Mr. Alan Chong, has big plans for the coming year. I am sure with good teamwork from everyone, the path should run a good course.

As usual, Wonderway cooking group has given Y3K readers a nice treat with dishes cooked the healthy way.





该公司马来西亚负责人ALAN CHONG是该公司开荒牛之一,经过多年努力看到组织不断茁壮成长,感慨地说:「组织上下一条心才有今天的成就」一语道出成功之道。


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