Y3K39 - Otak-Otak In Johor Bahru 新山乌达

The Real Mc Coy Of Otak-Otak
The Best Is Still In Johor Bahru

Otak-otak, a Nyonya snack is a favourite with many people. Available in many Nyonya restaurants, food stalls, food courts or sold by mobile food vendors, it is a delicious food find.
This snack is generally made with wolf herring fish (ikan parang) or Spanish mackerel (ikan tenggiri). The blended fish paste is mixed with diluted coconut milk, eggs, fragrant lime leaves shredded and seasoning. Spice paste is a combination of shallots, garlic, fresh turmeric, galangal, lemon grass, fresh red chillies and candlenuts. These ingredients are ground to a fine paste before being sautéed till aromatic. It is dished into the seasoned fish paste and mixed well. In the northern states, this spicy fish paste is normally heaped onto cut-out banana leaves. Each portion is topped with a piece of wild daun kadok and shaped into longish packages or pyramid shaped folds. All packages are steamed till fish paste is cooked through. As the portion can be fairly large, it is usually shared by two persons. But in the southern states, the fish paste is spread in the middle of a palm leaf, covered with another palm leaf and the ends fastened with toothpicks or staples. Grilling takes a couple of minutes and one can easily eat as many as 10 wraps. This has become an attraction food particularly in Muar.
But our real food find of this snack lies in Johor Bahru. We have been regulars to this place for the last 20 over years and the taste has remained consistent. Their otak-otak stall used to be along Jalan Tebrau but shifted to its present premises in Jalan Storey since 1986. Present boss Chung Wei Sun is the second generation descendant to run this family’s 30 year-old business. I remembered him as a young lad, always keen to give his papa a helping hand. But as the years drifted, this lad is now a middle-age man continuing the family’s trade. Prices of the snack is a steal as fish paste otak-otak is only 40 cents but fish head otak-otak costs 50 cents. Daily, they can sell a few thousand rolls as it is enjoyed by all races.

Each time I come home to Johor Bahru, this place has food charm. I would usually make my way here in the morning for a breakfast fix of otak-otak and mee Siam. As you unwrap the roll, the aroma can send you drooling. A lot of hawkers compromise quality and you get flat and dry grilled fish paste but here you can be rest assured of quality and quantity. Plump and luscious, each roll is as tasty as otak-otak can get. The otak-otak lends the mee Siam a spicy, moist flavour and the duo makes a rather interesting combination. Look around and you will see each table being laden with a mound of discarded palm leaves.
Business here starts early, from 6 a.m to 12 p.m and Tuesday is their day of rest. When you come here, there is no need for an inspection tour. You can order the same food as what I have recommended with your eyes closed and it will still be good. Trust me, have a nice eat.
Otak Shiduoli
No.78, Jalan Storey, 80300 Johor Bahru,
Johor. Tel: 019 - 7126886
07 - 2235340







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