Crab Roe Stock Pau 蟹黄灌汤包

Sipping Juicy Stock Filled In Paus

Bugis Junction in Victoria Street, Singapore, is a bustling shopping mall with a winning look. Our Singapore friend, Cindy brought us here to have a meal at a Shanghai outlet where authentic Shanghai-style dimsum is its hallmark. Well, it has to be good as the parent shop in Shanghai, China, has been established for 130 years. The place has an ambience of tastefully done wood-based decor. Once you are well-seated, you can catch the three chefs from China in combat action through glass window casings, churning out " glutinous rice siew mai". Call this a show kitchen as it allows you to watch the chefs working with nimble fingers and deft hands.

Cindy ordered the signature pleasers of Crab Roe Stock Pau, Elm Fungus Siew Loong Pau, Kwah Fah Kuih, Savoury Cashewnut Flakes, Pumpkin Biscuits, Yangchow Fried Rice, Chicken and Ribs Tureen.
Very piping – hot Shanghainese steamed dumplings came, each in a bamboo basket. Now, this siew loong pau is not a small serve but rather the size of a normal taipau. The edges of the paus were neatly pleated, leaving an opening in the center. A straw was provided for each diner to sip out the superior stock within the delicate skin. Isn’t this a rather novel treat in savouring a pau?
Cindy warned us to be careful as the stock is of a very hot degree. It proved a flavourful sip as the stock had shredded conpoy and crab roe but after the drink up, the pau was empty of other ingredients. A good question popped up. How did the stock filled the interior? Well, the superior stock were frozen into big cubes and placed onto dough circle before wrapping. As the paus got steamed, the frozen cubes melted away. How innovative chefs could be!
Kwah Fah Kuih is worth a try as I enjoyed every bite of this springy textured snack. Bringing good taste sensations to the diner is a foremost issue in the competitive restaurant scene in Singapore. Old favourites and new innovations add interest to the dimsum scene. So the next time you are around this part of town, take the opportunity to enjoy Shanghainese dimsum as the food served here is impressive.


新加坡维多利亚路的Bugis Junction设计新颖,采光设备良好,是一个赢得设计奖项的现代化购物商场。







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