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Vegetarian Food Need Not Be Boring Stuff

Vegetarianism in the local region has reached some lofty heights as anyone and everyone can enjoy creative cooking styles using earth’s bounty products with ease. Such dishes provide a good food alternative as daily eating more servings of vegetables can reduce the risk of developing various cancers or becoming obese. The change of diets counter health crises and may be the key to staying healthy. Being a vegetarian is very much a personal lifestyle option. Some of our friends come from religious motivated families and some turned vegetarians because of religious faith which discouraged the killing of animals for meat consumption.

Our friend, Mr. Tan has practised vegetarianism for a long time and he wanted to show us a good vegetarian restaurant to review the creative and tasty cuisine available. This restaurant is located near a Chinese primary school along the Kuchai Lama commercial area. It rained cats and dogs on that particular afternoon we were there. Parking can be a problem though the business people had tried to resolved the problem by constructing a carpark space behind the school’s little hillside area. This solution is a win-win situation for everyone.

The restaurant is the brainchild concept of Reverand Monk Ven. Shih Ming Chieh and Chef Eugene Tan. All cooking are done without using MSG or bleached salt. Only sea salt and natural vegetarian food enhancers are used. Chef Tan comes from a religious family and as the majority of his clan are vegetarians, it is a natural approach for him to venture into this line as he likes cookery too. He has taken tutelage lessons in Taiwan and has concocted a myriad of flavours to please even the most jaded palate.

The first presentation was a dish of Mock Meat and Fried Mushroom. This is a new offer as the mock meat comes from Japan. It had a texture rather similar to deep-fried belly pork. Though the mock meat texture had the strong resemblance but the taste was a tad bland. Well, the dish certainly got perked up because of the combined varieties of fresh mushrooms being used. Next platter of Famous Beancurd Dish had a topping of pureed spinach paste and diced carrots. The beancurd was deep-fried and had a generous topping of deep-fried mock dried shrimps. This crunch provided a good contrast with the beancurd. Thinly sliced lotus roots came deep-fried in a crisp batter and had a dressing of peppermint salad sauce. This fusion theme worked wonders. For those who like some touch of spiciness, Petai and Mock Fish together with another dish known as Four Heavenly Kings should be suitable for their taste buds. We tried an interesting dish of Red Rice Wine Residue Beancurd. It had nice flavour and should appeal to both old and young.

For the health-conscious patrons, opt for multigrain rice instead of normal white rice. This rice can be palatable, not the dreadful tasting type. Cooking styles here are rather pleasing and I am tempted to return as I yearn for more.

Veggie Vegetarian Restaurant
6-G, Block A, Jalan 2/114, Batu 4, Jalan Kelang Lama,
Kuchai Business Centre, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 K.L.
Tel: (6)03-7984 3940
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm


吃素到底有何好处?根据《大戴礼记》其中一段:“食肉勇敢而悍,食谷智慧而巧”强调素食可提高智慧。由于不杀生,素食者增长慈悲心。其他好处如素食可防癌 、素食可减肥 、素食可美容……等。






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