The British Club in Singapore 武吉知马山的不列癫俱乐部

Absolutely Tender Beef Steak
Melts In The Mouth Variety

Over the last few years, Singapore has been building up its reputation on the food scene. As palates get more adventurous and with easy access to high-end supplies, many restaurant chefs have emerged with new creative menu. When in Singapore, do as the Singaporeans do, as we met up with our former boss, Mr. Lee Min, who introduced our family to his favourite retreat, The British Club. This club has established itself for over 25 years, built along the Bukit Tinggi stretch. There is a commanding view as this hilltop is the second highest point above sea level after Bukit Timah.

Mr. Lee is a regular member here as he enjoys the club’s facilities. Being well-equipped for leisure activities, it also boasts of five different dining concepts. The club becomes an ideal venue for Mr. Lee to entertain friends and he invited us to a treat at the Western grill. Interior of the restaurant was decorated in a British setting.

We got to know the Executive Sous Chef - Kelvin Lee, a Muar boy. This restaurant had put together a creative menu using some special ingredients. It was apparent in the dishes of steaks presented. Though it looked simple yet it was exquisite as the main meat came from the cow’s cheeks. Only a small selection was made available to diners as cows do not have many cheeks to cater to the vast number of being the most-ordered steaks on the menu.

As we cannot face rare meat with blood drips, we had to settle for what most steak lovers would stay away from, well-done steaks. It came looking slightly singed at the edges accompanied with condiments like mashed potatoes, brown sauce, grilled tomato, big juicy spears of asparagus and fresh tarragon. I found my steak delicious and seared to tender perfection. This must be the most tender steak I have tasted and once again, do not forget I ordered it well-done. Of course I have raved about many Western restaurants capable of offering good steaks during my many food reviews but the fare served here deserved my unreserved recommendation.

Sourcing fresh produce alone for the restaurant’s kitchen is not enough as you need a good chef to incorporate elements of good cooking and fuse ingredients with techniques to become winning entries. I am much impressed with the optimum texture of good beef cuts and would not overlook this meat the next time but may splurge on it.

The British Club
73 Bukit Tinggi Singapore 289761.
Tel: 02-6467 4311 Fax: 02-6468 6161
E-mail: enquiries@britishclub.org.sg






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