Restoran Loon Sing 隆盛佛跳墙大酒家

Spurred On By Challenges
The New Era Of Restoran Loon Sing
The Chinese have an expression phrase literally meaning, "The predecessor had a tough time building-up the family business but the successor does not have an easy time maintaining the inheritance."

This is an ingenious way of expressing how Chef Sia Boon Kong felt when he had to run the restaurant after his father’s demise (late Chef Sia Say Tee) some four years ago. Other restaurateurs sneered at this young man and most had no word of encouragement for him. He worked very energetically as he felt rather humiliated. No one had a thought that he could rise from ashes. He may not outshine his late father’s achievements but Boon Kong has the same trait. He is rather far-sighted and decided it is time to emerge from the kitchen. He bought six acres of land in Nilai and constructed a grand looking restaurant to cater for normal dining, wedding celebrations, huge conferences or a venue for big gatherings.

This spacious restaurant is elegant with seating capacity for 1,600 people (160 tables). As he is prepared to see it as a long-term investment and his passion for the food industry has given him the extra energy to withstand all the grind and grit. Other tradesmen now start to see him from a different angle.
The classy Chinese restaurant has superb concocted creations. Apart from their signature dishes like "Monk Jumps Over The Wall" and "Wine Residue Dong Por Roh", Boon Kong has been dishing out "Pan-fried Lamb Ribs". The simple yet luscious dish of lamb was not well-received initially but now customers return for the same dish as they have learned to appreciate the taste.

We tasted the imported lamb ribs and liked the tender meat oozing with juice. The best point is the no gamy smell as it is a plus factor. Generally in Western dining, hot oil is being poured over the lamb chops or ribs to seal in the juices. The chef improvised on the marinade by using cumin and chilli powder before panfrying them till cooked. It had a burst of flavours with juice retained. We also liked the dish of "Red-braised Pork Knuckle" which had a crunch like sea cucumbers.

The delicious result was simply a display of the chef’s skill. Actually, it was a good gourmet meal!

PT 2484, Kws. Perindustrian Nilai 2,
Block D, 71800 Nilai, N.S.D.K.
Tel: 06-799 7787/ 7808/ 7818
Fax: 06-799 3369
Business Hours:
11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm






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