Winter Holiday in Guilin (7)- final

Spending the last night at Guilin.

Waxed meat hanging at the balcony.

Varieties of waxed meat, waxed fish ...

Yushan Park.

The unkempt site of Liu San Jie Landscape Garden. You can give this a miss if you ever step into Guilin.

Night market at Guilin.

Waterfall hotel (day).

Waterfall hotel (night).

Twin pagoda.

13-1-2009(星期二)晴天 (车游两江四湖)




14-1-2009(星期三)晴天 (桂林、吉隆坡)


The greedy tourguide -- Xiao Li.

13-1-2009 (Tuesday) Sunny (Sightseeing of two rivers, four lakes)
All in all, today will be the last day left in our itinerary. We were shown more shops that sold goods at cut-throat prices and viewed a few non-spectacular sights. At 10a.m., we reached Yushan Park, but the whole place had an unnatural effect. Out came a professor who ran an introduction of the place. He spoke with such eloquence, many fell for his charm and bought goods put up on display. Wasn't that a good sales person talk?

We viewed the unkempt site of Liu San Jie Landscape Garden. You can give this a miss if you ever step into Guilin.

In the evening we cruised along two rivers and viewed four lakes. Indeed Guilin attracted many tourists but we only like its natural charms. The region may really prosper with tourism money but it is a real shame to see beauty being marred by the presence of artificial structures. Will Guilin leave behind a brittle legacy of her once worldwide fame for mystical landscapes and stunning beauty of peaks?

14-1-2009 (Wednesday) Sunny (Guilin, Kuala Lumpur)
Early 8.30a.m. was the departure time from hotel to airport. Our eight days trip had ended and there is nothing better in life than coming home to be with our loved ones.

As the Guilin landscape is changing and new development rising, it is still alright to enjoy what she has to offer but please note the following:
(1) book your tour with a reputable local agent.
(2) fight for you right if you meet some unscrupulous tour guides.
(3) do not buy from shops listed on your brochure. Prices are very high and there are no exchange for defaulted goods. Be wary of bogus deals.

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