Fish-head Braised Teochew-Style

Our friend - Master B E Loh is a Teochew by dialect and simply loves Teochew food. The essence of Teochew cooking lies in using fresh seafood and the simplest ingredients to retain the original integrity of the catch. As in China, their homeland had access to the sea and its produce, Teochews are aware of how fresh quality, texture, flavour should be.

Master Loh wanted to show us a place which serves authentic Teochew fish-head. An opportunity came and we visited this place known as Restoran Chiew Sang situated in a suburb of University Garden, Petaling Jaya.

It may lacked the sophiscation but the unassuming restaurant located centre place among a row of old shops was packed at lunchtime and can be a popular hangout for many regular customers. Master Loh's friend, William Lee, is another foodie who has given this place his stamp of approval. He told us that this young boss used to helped his father at the bak-kut-teh shop in SS2 several years back. He decided to venture out and started this eatery a couple of years ago. Regulars keep coming back for the no-frills unpretentiously good food. Repeat customers like his quality control of ingredients and consistently good food at reasonable pricing.

Master Loh stressed that Teochew Bak-Kut-Teh and Fish-Head Braised Teochew-Style are two signature points we must not missed out on. The little secret weapon used are those toasted brownish blackish garlic. This type of garlic has a strong smoky aroma but once scalded and sun-dried, it permeates meat, giving it a special perfumed fragrance.

Teochew Bak-Kut-Teh is less herbal compared to the Hokkien version. Our Teochew boss could really whip up a pot of tasty brew. Pig's trotter, pork ribs retained their natural flavour and the stock sweetened with the usage of the toasted garlic. The fish-head dish consisted of fresh garoupa head, braised with minced ginger, toasted garlic, taucheo, red chillies and a lot of other secret ingredients. This dish doesn't look pretty but it was flavourful. The gravy was not too savoury and you can even take it without white rice. And if you can still pack it in, try their Teochew-Steamed Fish, Teochew-Braised Pig's Trotter, Teochew Ham Choy, Lalal and others.

I am happy to note, my throat did not feel parched after the meal which is an indication, they did not use two handfuls of MSG.



罗木勇强调:「 潮州肉骨茶及潮州焖鱼头是这里的招牌菜。他们的秘密武器是火蒜,火蒜原本味道带涩,经热水烫过晒干,可以去涩提鲜,食物味道更加可口。」



Restoran Chiew Sang
15, Jalan SS 3/37,
University Garden, 47300 PJ
Tel: 012-234 1136

Business Hours:
Monday-Sunday 7.30am - 2pm
Saturday & Sunday 6pm - 9pm

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